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Russia vs Ukraine: A global order targeting Africans

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a crisis of unfolding proportions, one which is not just particularly about Ukraine but Germany and Russia synergizing in a new frontier order of resources management, economic trade booms as well as infrastructurally (Nord Stream).

The security re-architecturing of the Russian and German borders in commercial friendship that renders obsolescent old barriers, geopolitical red tape(s) thereby aligning eventually their technological valuechains and military industrial complexes which would threaten the American unipolar hegemony in the current global world order since the fall of Hitler in 1945 and the third Reich.

This is the underpinning crux of the current European kinetic exchange between the global powers of Russia and America within the sovereign location of Ukraine.

Whilst World War II was the event horizon that drove the climate of mass nation-states gaining independence from the colonial industry of European imperialism established on the landmass of those who were once known by the Moors and Nubians as the Alkebulan (Africans).

After more than four centuries of slavery, the world today has seen little shift from racial prejudices and the sustained reminants of anti-black policies written in bloodletting and unwritten in ways that seek to obliterate positive historic facts of the Blackman or people of colour. These patented discrimination and ecosystem of hatedom the world over has been driven by the supra legal impetus to subjugate that which is non-white and holistically recriminate those of colour.

History is littered with reference points of racism and it’s consequent mass exterminations programs in the course of the dispensation of the near defuncted (commercial) Industry of slave trade for more than four centuries. The recorded burning down of Black Wall Street orchestrated in the Greenwood District and known as theTulsa massacre in Oklahoma carried out between May 31 and June 1, 1921 by white supremacists propped by city officials leaves a sore taste in the anals of American race relations.

The history of vile shenanigans against black people in the early aerospace and military industry in America when the iron curtain was still firmly in place against Russian super power posturing on the global stage needs a recounting, and thus is the story of Ed Dwight who was to be the first blackman in a sea of white heads clad in space suits during the JFK Presidency.

Ed Dwight’s struggles speak to the nearly insurmountable rungs of boundaries that needed to be overcome by black genius, resolve and hardwork.

Even today as the Russia Vs Ukraine war rages on with conventional and not so conventional weaponry, subterfuge, media propaganda and nuclear button diplomacy on the brink, several black students studying in Ukraine have become vicarious liabilities of this white ethnic fallout and as they try to cross the borders into other European countries as poland, Belarus etc.they are being discriminated against, mocked and punished for the skin colour they carry.

The systematic unction to erode the knowledge in the 21st century of definitive and positive black footprints in leadership of the ancient world order, as also theh contributions during the era of the Roman Empire’s liberalist and cosmopolitannesque stature in the form of the four African Emperors (one black and other three of descent) who administered rule over the Roman Empire’s vast territory tells alot about the mindset of those who take refuge in the ephemeral and would distort the facts for the foxhole of racist power mongering. Lucius Septimius Severus, Clodius Albinus, Marcus Macrinus and Aemilianus were emperors of Alkebulan (African) origin in the European sphere of authority and global dominance at the time. Severus was born near Leptis Magna in Africa which is modern-day Libya, and came from a wealthy and distinguished equestrian family. Ghadaffi’s Pan-africanist mindset in a world with an alerted formula of racial engagement in favour of white over black must have drawn impetus from the tales of Severus s black power sagacity and political deftness back then.

The story of Ed Dwight during the Kennedy presidency, illucidates the black odyssey of ugly race relations which haunt the egalitarian stage that rewards and empowers excellence wherever it is found. Ed Dwight (just like Eric Masaba) was immensely and astronomically ahead on the Uncle Sam side of the predominantly white pack in the Russia Vs America race to conquer space. Ed Dwight was recorded to have spent 9,000 hours in the air. He was of humbly beginnings as a former altar boy turned super airman, and amongst the pilots in training to become astronauts at the Aerospace Research Pilot School, superintended over by Chuck Yeager at the California located Edwards Air Force Base. Dwight possessed the drive, the experience and background like his white peers to leave unforgettable black pride in the micro-gravity environment of space, his only challenge at the program was his melanin bearing skin.

America’s grandeur tales of the 1960s feature prominently the milestones of the civil rights movement to emancipate blacks and the space race which needed to be achieved without people of colour irrespective of their capacity to contribute to it. The first blackman in space Guion Stewart Bluford Jr. and woman, Mae Carol Jemison would happen two decades later at NASA.

In a bipolar world where tiktok has become a serious, yet fringe diagnostic tool to measure mental states and in effect social media has quasi upstaged the centuries long established medical paradigm and kicked in a new consciousness of sorts. A mobile driven consciousness that while there is a neo- iron curtain descending on the continent of Europe with a war of attrition on hand, there is a reinforced quest for a bipolar global order that still summarily negates and supra legally alienates the African and people of colour. With every power stroke of strategic subversion of the global order by the Kremlin’s Putin against the Biden West and NATO driven sanctions, this war is one that will be written in black and white hues of privilege and vicious after-burners of discrimination.

The Westerphilian system has prided itself for years on rights, including property rights (IP), the sanctity of contracts, democracy and the rule of law still is a system rippled in unhealthy race relations and quagmires of disenfranchisement of people of colour. The other oligarchy system or Russian orbit in the eyes of globalists and pro- western analysts is one based on patron-client relationships, the merger of money and power as the Russo-Sino bloc forges a stand against the aggressors as the West is described in the context of the military kinesis ungoing. The Russian actions in Ukraine (which is condemnable) and any form of collaboration with China is proclaimed by the West to be a subordination of the law to the state and global peace.

In the light of Western claims to preserve contracts and property laws is the putrid sticking point of racism in technology, which has achieved a gain of function and visibility for years similar to the research actions and processes that gave birth to the synthetic Covid19 pathogen and pandemic which has eroded peaceful coexistence for all of humanity. Covid19 was in the concise words of Melinda Gates supposed to decimate Africans but that didn’t just happen yet.

In a world where Western dominance gloats about managing the ideals of black and white to create positive dreamscapes of avant-garde ideation, cultural fusions and technological breakthroughs for the benefit of all, one where equity, fairness and justice is the epicenter of the societal status quo, one where as captured in the United Nations Human Rights charter…all men have equal and inalienable rights.

Such is the inalienable right of justice for the African born, black British Scientist and polymath Eric Masaba whose only infraction on the global elite and Bigtech is his moonshot moment of genius which today should earn him a Billionaire status.

In 2003, a 29 year old hedge fund quantitative analyst (or quant) set out to build a system to predict credit defaults. Little did he realise at the time, but it would be the start of a global technology altering odyssey which would yield all the ride hailing start-ups but also take on the global financial crisis, drone strikes in the “war on terror”, predictive analytics and the corrupting all pervasive power of Big Tech.

The most bizarre thing about this story is the chap happens to be from Liverpool, UK – home of the Beatles – and also black – the most unusual type of start-up founder. In what can only be described as the flipside to the con-artist narrative, this is the story of a legitimate inventor who has been through the mill of disbelief and suspicion for over 18 years. It definitely sounds too unbelievable to be true, but this is the verifiable story of Eric Masaba.

There was one moment, realised only in hindsight, where the culmination of decades of his experiences coalesces into an impromptu Eureka! moment. For Eric, it was one night in December 2003 after several weeks of pondering how to explain the system he had just built to the President of the Hedge Fund that, after twelve gruelling months of to-ing and fro-ing had finally offered him a position as a quantitative analyst. His realisation was that companies could be considered to be people in a social network with very tight connections to some other companies and barely perceptible connections to others. In structural engineering, the behaviour of forces in constructions is handled in the same way: matrices representing the connectivity of the structure are created and forces are modelled. This meant that if a company entered default (bankruptcy) there was now a way to model the cascade of consequences from this event and steal a market timing advantage by trading in the secondary and tertiary effects. The credit ratings industry (prior to the Global Financial Crisis) did not take into account the social network character of companies.

A large and perfectly viable company could be at far more risk than its credit rating signalled based on its susceptibility to a large customer or trading partner going into default. The easiest of these to model was the Ford Motor Company, whose giant scale and network of suppliers spanned many industries. Many of its suppliers were rated AAA yet Ford itself was circling a downgrade at this time. While explaining this to the President of the hedge fund, Eric used an analogy of neighbours who did not know one another having almost exactly coincident transport needs, but perhaps separated by 10 minutes or so, such that they never met. If a system could group up and rationalise this “coincidence of wants” a lot of transport resources could be saved.

The same was true for choosing which trades in which to invest, such that foreknowledge of the companies’ social graph would get better returns. As an interesting side project Eric decided to calculate the market size for ride-sharing at scale and was surprised to continually get a figure in the trillions of dollars per annum. This was an even juicier opportunity than the capital structure arbitrage he had been hired to code. And thus Transit Exchange for the XXI Century of Texxi was born.

Unbeknown to Eric at that time, certain foreign intelligence agencies were using the same process to locate targets for assassination via drone strike. The idea is simple. A target is never going to carry a locator beacon for fear of being tracked and killed. However, the same target can be tracked if one knows the social graph of this person. In fact, it is remarkable to the extent with which the accuracy can be ascertained.

Uncovering terrorist networks thus shares all the same basic machinery as finding credit default cascades in a network of companies. As if that was not enough, even more coincidence was to come. One of Eric Masaba’s friends from a year in industry placement 13 years prior, had begun working for JP Morgan as a senior credit trader. Sam Ramesh Chandarana had also decided to invest in Texxi and asked Eric how he had come up with the idea. When I told him about the credit cascade idea, he had become agitated and asked me to attend his workplace to see his boss – the European Head of credit trading. And so in early January 2006, a series of meetings occurred at 125 London Wall, City of London where Eric outlined the risks of a large scale credit default. This was later immortalised in the film “Margin Call”, where trader “Sam”, lawyer “Ramesh” and the aeronautical engineering protege of “Eric the risk manager” discuss the impending crash.

The above genius of Eric Masaba explained is captured in patent US 20080015923A1. All the rest is history as the global patent rights system continues to relish the theft of a blackman’s creative power for others of a more superior skin hue to profit off. This indeed is disturbingly sad..!

Remember how Sophia Stewart exposed Hollywood elites (the now sex-changed Wachowski brothers and partners) for stealing her creative works of the Matrix? The movie was an iconic blockbuster hit! That’s just like the Eric Masaba story, only that this time the plot requires justice to be served for posterity and balance of equity.

Finally, the reckless collusion of Africa’s leaders in the face of racism against their kith and kin is condemnable They allow themselves to be goaded like electric maniquines into voting at the United Nations General Assembly on each side of the Russia Vs Ukraine war (ethnic) divide. Unrespected black African votes going to work in such white conflict driven circumstances without a permanent seat on the Security Council is not worth the bias in the global order Chamber of Brentwood politics. This current European ethnic war of white supremacy between west versus east requires the.much tactful non-alignment grand strategic stance by African heads of state as was deployed during the cold war era. India led the taking of this neutral stance at the time.

The Fulatheid Nigeria government in its aloafness, voted in favour of Uncle Sam and NATO. So did Ghana amongst some African nations. Some abstained. African states need a neuroleadership re-awakening plan, some call it the 40 year Rapid Africa Plan (RAP) designed by Dr. Hannington Mubaiwa which bears the responsibility of one united black stride that uplifts us all holistically through a new financial based system of resources management and IP rights. Africa needs a system where non is left behind.

The recent viral video of the talkshow the “soap box” in one edition in 1989 illucidates powerful words of the revolutionary Kwame Ture as he aptly deconstructs the chronology of black subjugation and slavery which is evident to this present day. Kwame Ture clearly expressed the fraudulent distinction between being sold the mental state of being African American and being African in America.

In conclusion, the Indonesian Immigration recently committed one more of several extrajudicial killings in Jarkata about two weeks ago of a certain Mr. Arinze Igweike from Anambra State, Nigeria, the two other blacks arrested with him in Indonesia were of Yoruba extraction in Nigeria and they are mother nature luckier to be alive. Mr. Obierika Akusoba another Nigerian based in Jarkata confirmed this in a voice message that has gone viral to question the barbarism of white/Asian supremacists against Africans.

The Indonesian government must be called to question on these violations by the international community and particularly the Federal Government of Nigeria. African leaders must revisit their oath of office to protect their citizenry at all cost. It remains a clear and present danger rather unfortunately in war or peace that the scions of Alkebulan must be hunted down without consequences. Africans at home and in the diaspora, as also People of Colour continue to hold the shorter ends of the stick in the context of self-preservation and sustaining the value of life based on the Human Rights charter that is recited as the universal edict and unifying mantra that guides all of humanity and the environment in which it was ordained to thrive. It is important to highlight that Henry Kissinger in 2014 accentuated that Ukraine cannot be anyone’s outpost, this is the rationale and requisite for it to survive and develop.

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